Hudson Valley Agents Alliance (HVAA) provides your agency with the opportunity to increase its independence, income, and value – while reaping the benefits of belonging to the largest alliance of independent insurance agents in North America; Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA). More and different than a network, aggregator, or cluster, membership with HVAA provides:

  • Access to top rated carriers with no minimum premium requirements
  • The clout to successfully compete against any agency, regardless of size
  • Ability to earn individual company appointments
  • Profit sharing and overrides
  • Ongoing development of programs exclusive to member agencies
  • Ability to attract quality producers
  • A perpetuation plan (in fact, required with membership)
  • Periodic alliance updates and networking meetings
  • Stability in a changing marketplace
  • Assistance with pricing and placement of lines
  • Preferred agency contracts

Become a Member
HVAA is seeking limited, quality members in the Hudson Valley region. We have no specific agency profile because our membership consists of a wide range of agency “types.” The common thread? Our member agencies want to grow and remain independent.

If that sounds like you, then HVAA will help you meet your objectives. Many of our members are smaller sized independent agencies that were in need of markets. Further, captive agents, direct writers, life and financial agencies, and producers have all found membership beneficial. You owe it to yourself to find out more. Contact us today.

Companies Represented
HVAA and SIAA have formed unique strategic partnerships with a number of leading insurance companies and vendors (on regional and national scales), providing member agencies with supplemental commissions and portfolio management service fees (PMSF), which are incentives received from our strategic partners for a variety of services HVAA and SIAA provide on their behalf. This approach, coupled with the benefits outlined above, further differentiates us from the insurance networks, aggregators, and clusters.

HVAA has repeatedly demonstrated that, given adequate and competitive markets, local member agencies can become significant producers of profitable insurance business and related services, produce reasonable volume commitments, and reap the rewards of profit sharing and supplemental compensation.